Tuesday, July 29, 2014

ODI Upgrading from 11g To ODI 12c 12.1.3 Using the Upgrade Assistant

ODI Upgrading from 11g To ODI 12c 12.1.3  Using the Upgrade Assistant

11G Repository Version:
12c 12.1.3 Repository Version:

After upgrading from to 12.1.3  your Repository version will be

Note:  All Yellow interfaces from 11g it  will be converted into Reusable mapping in 12C.

Goto=>ODI 12C  MIDDLEWARE Home location

Example for Windows ODI 12c Path.


Launch ua.batch file for windows and ua.sh for UNIX or LINUX

1)      Schema:  This option only for Repository Migration.
2)      Standalone System Components Configuration:  This option for WebLogic domain components up gradation like J2EE Agent & ODI Console

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